Download Files from Mega using Internet Download Manager

Mega is one of the best file sharing Cloud storage from the multitude of Cloud Storage that focus to the encryption from end to end safely, thus Mega uses encryption when user upload or download files.
Because the ability of the Mega can perform encryption this is creating a lot of enthusiasts ranging from just using a free to subscribe until reaching into the pockets of hundreds of dollars each month.

However it does not mean a Mega has no weakness. In fact, not least from customers Mega who felt disappointed with the facilities they get, even though it has pulled out of funds each month, especially when the user performs the download file.
Talk about Mega, will definitely be long winded, I will condense more easily in order to understand.
In short, users can share files Mega to fellow users by providing a URL that does not contain a file name containing the cryptographic key but in it, without these keys you are unable to access and download files

Because Mega using the end to end encryption and add a cryptographic key in the URL that is what makes the download files is slightly different in Mega, Mega uses Java Script to do the download of files that exist on the server then send the file to the browser to be downloaded.
Although Serve Mega is known as the server fast enough in its class, but it is still insufficient because it uses a Java Script methods have many drawbacks.

Java Script method has some drawbacks is used for street weekly.
Weekly will not be resumed if we use internet connections cut off, although only briefly.
We will not get the maximum speed of downloads.
Than 1% weekly should be completed with all the way up to 100%, if the file size is tens of MB it would be really annoying.

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So this time Micro will give a little bit of how to download files from Mega using Internet Download Manager to download more quickly than usual.

Step 1

Sign in to mega and copy the link of the file we will download, If you don't have an account can register here

Step 2

Open a new browser tab and go to
Paste the link file we copied earlier on in the columns that are in getmega and click the download button under the column, it will automatically exit the new link and underneath there is the name of the file we are going to download.
right click the name of the file or copy the link that is given to the  browser. We will be asked to complete a Captcha.

Step 3

After the Captcha is finished, we will automatically redirect to the page in the download, but we are not able to directly download the file, we require to wait for about 3 seconds so that the download links open perfectly.
Then click GET LINK like in the image below.

Hopefully These Tips Help!
Have a Nice Day.

In a less obvious is probably the video below can give examples with details

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