How to Download Music on YouTube without Extensions and Additional Software

Before heading to Staples, Micro discussion will give a little explanation of what it actually is YouTube.
YouTube is a website that allows users to upload videos, view videos, share the video with no cost at all pick up on (free). On YouTube, a video can be in value with the likes or dislikes, even users can make comments a video that is on YouTube. Users can also subscribe to specific channels that they like.
Almost all of the videos can be uploaded on YouTube like video education or learning, music, animation, fun stuff and much more.

As the above explanation, all there is is videos on YouTube and we can look at or listen to with internet service.
Then how does it so we can listen to music without using the internet?
In this case we are only required to download videos that are on YouTube so that we could watch without having to us online.
Do need large storage capacity in order to download videos on YouTube?
Can be Yes and no, depending on the quality of the video that we download. The greater the quality of increasingly greater capacity we need.
What is the music that is on YouTube can also be downloaded, can download music in Mp3 format with YouTube?
Of course it can, and this time micro will give you some tips to download music in Mp3 format that are on YouTube without using any application, software, or any extensions, with only a few stages can download music on YouTube by perfect, straight into the subject matter.

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First, we go to YouTube and search music we are going to download, it's up to want any kind of music is not a problem. Copy the url at the top of the web.


Open a new bar or a new browser and type in
at the very top of the genYouTube there is a search field on YouTube and we enter rl we copy on YouTube last page and click the search button or the magnifying glass-shaped image in addition to the right of the column, and we will be in the show with a video that we download


Scroll to the bottom, we'll find some options available download, not just weekly for MP3 files only but a lot more. Because we will be downloading music from YouTube with the expansions.MP3 then, our options button mp3 like the picture above.
Automatically the music we want will be downloaded perfectly without reducing audio quality.

Hopefully These Tips Help!
Have a Nice Day.

In a less obvious is probably the video below can give examples with details

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