How to download music from YouTube

How to download music from YouTube
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Title:  How to download music from YouTube
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Publish Date: 31 01 2019 - 06:05:44
Published by: edward ASCENCIO
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Description: here where to go to download music from YouTube 1 go to YouTube and copy link 2 go to the link 3 to download puts the link of the music 4 put download Mp3 and mp3 320 kbps or mp3 256 kbps 5 when it done download quick on it and play the music if you have play music on your phone or iPad play it on there too so your music can be there 6 go to music play or only other app you have to listen to your music and make sure it there and then your done I hope you enjoy please like and subscribe if your new to the channel and let your friends no about this

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