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Undoubtedly, the uTorrent client to download files from torrents that are lightweight and can be installed very easily, even though users are laymen the problem installation software.
For you who like to download from the torrent of course experiencing many questions, one of which is surely why there are seeding that runs when the download has finished, and the like which address them.

Oops, but this time the Micro would not explain about it, Micro will only give a referral so that automatic stop seeding after your download is completed perfectly.
OK, directly to uTorrent.

How To Stop Seeding Utorrent

Open uTorrent
Click Options, then preferences or press Ctrl + P on your keyboard.

Now do the same thing as in the picture below, and don't forget to check the "Limit the upload rate to" and change the number to 0

Done, with so uTorrent will automatically stop after your download completed.
Click Apply then OK

You can also minimize the upload speed, here's how.
Go to preferences and click the Bandwidth. Look in the section "maximum upload rate" and enter the amount you want, upload here a Micro use 1 KB/s.

Click apply and OK.

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Before you use uTorrent should first understand how to download from torrents with good and right for the sake of the security of your data, and this is what we will discuss in the next session at once how to remove ads that are in the torrent.

In a less obvious is probably the video below can give examples with details

Hopefully These Tips Help!
Have a Nice Day.
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