The Best Free Backup Email Tool For Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, and Others

The Best Free Backup Email Tool For Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, and Others

If the email is certainly discuss about Google being the first Manufacture the largest Email Provider after Yahoo, in addition to giving the large storage space security is also guaranteed and certainly free.

But have you ever thought, how long is Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, provider of email providers and save your emails on their servers?
The answer is nobody knows for sure will be the question, some say more than 60 days, there's also say 90 days, even some say 360 days. I dunno, Micro not sweat it. But the likelihood is they keep forever due to safety reasons and the law (over the Governence of the CIA, NSA, FBI, etc).

When she finds something is free, you will not have a top that service in addition to using him properly. That is why you are required to use the email service from your own server.
It is true it is, to have a server for email although only small-scale cost not a little each month. But in addition to the need to have a mail server, the Micro will share the best way to back up email us.

Here is the software solution for backing up Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. E-mail archiving and independently and free of charge.

1 - MailStore Home | Windows

MailStore Home

By using the MailStore Home enables you to archive all emails personally and easily and very quickly.
You can archive your email on a USB drive or PC.
The mailbox like GMail, Yahoo, POP3, IMAP, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail & Wincows Mail, Exchange Server Microsofr know Microsoft Office 265, and many more who support the MailStore Home.

2 - KLS Mail Backup | Windows

KLS Mail Backup

KLS Mail Backup is a useful program for backup is easy to use, allowing you to create a backup while recovering files in Windows Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook Express. You can also make a backup of your bookmarks, certificates, extensions, form, cookies, saved passwords, history, General settings, mail folders, contacts, calendar, setting the signature on the message. In addition, KLS Mail also allows to attach comments to the profiles that we create. Backup to a local-(PC), network drive, FTP server, WebDAV, and Amazon S3..

3 – Gmvault Gmail Backup | Windows | macOS | Linux

Gmvault Gmail Backup

Back up and restore your Gmail anywhere, and at any time as your heart. Back up all your email on the disc, and use the full synchronization method to back up the entire contents of your email. Gmvault can run synchronization mode quickly and can be scheduled according to the wishes (e.g. every day or every week) to keep a backup of your latest email.

Hopefully These Tips Help!
Have a Nice Day.

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