Flink - WordPress App Builder (Auto WordPress to Native Android App) + Ultimate Admin Panel

WordPress App Builder

With Flink Wordpress App Builder allows you to create Android apps from your Wordpress website and blog easily.

Features within the app:

-User Friendly Material Interface: The material interface with Google has been declared as necessary for all mobile applications, websites, products, which is a sense of design combining the known design values with scientific studies already used in your application.

-Fully compliant with Wordpress: Your application works smoothly and many Wordpress features such as pages, posts, categories, tags, gallery in-post, player and audio users even videos.

-Synchronized bidirectional: Your app has been connected to your website via API, so any content you update within your website is also updated in your app in an instant way. No extra action needed anymore.

-Push notifications via Firebase: You can notify your users about new content that has been added/your app by sending a notification through Firebase's Push.

-Multi Language Support: Your users can use your app in multiple languages, they can switch to different languages through the Language section on the Settings page.

RTL Language support: Your app helps right-to-left languages which include Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hebrew.

Multiple layout supported: You can use 4 to 5 different layout options such as Grid, box, list and large box for your app list of pages such as category, post, author, etc.

Different theme alternatives: Users can use subject matters with extraordinary colors. They can change it anytime.

Firebase Integration: You can achieve a lot of detailed info about the users inside your app via Firebase. As, number of active accounts, number of active users using the app, daily user interactions, user demographic info, etc.)

Earn Money (ADS): You can make earnings with banners or native ads through platforms like Google AdMob and the Facebook Audience Network.

Drag to refresh feature: Users can update the data by pulling the top of the screen to the bottom with their finger.

More Load feature: Users can load further data by dragging the finger from bottom to top on the screen.

Splash Screen: If you use the membership login feature in the app, the splash screen is first displayed to your users. On this page, the title and a brief explanation of the application as well as membership-related buttons (register, login etc.) will be displayed.

Membership: If desired, you can enable user registration and login features (this is fully functional and integrated with Wordpress) by using the Membership feature within your app.

Edit Profile: Users can easily edit any information on their profile and complete many actions such as password reset or another.

Support Gravatar & Upload profile Picture: The app supports the famous Gravatar profile image platform. In addition, users can also upload their own photos.

Screen Transition animations: You can use many different animations for screen transitions inside the app.

Add Favorites: Users can add any content they like & want to read it later to their favorites & they can also reach this content very easily.

Menu and Options management Tab: You can manage tab & menu options, enable/disable any options and sort them as you want.

Native Gallery, Video and Audio Player: support is available for native code, in accordance with Wordpress, a single and multiple Audio & Video player, as well as a gallery on the app content page.

Password protected content: You can specify some content that a specific user can access the password for. When you don't want all of your users to see certain content. In the app, this content can only be viewed by users who are logged in or registered.

Comments: Users can comment on content inside your app.

Likes and dislikes comments: Users can show likes or dislikes against comments within the app.

Filter Data: Users can specify a filter on the Application List page & Access some Data in a more way based on the sorting specified from A to Z and Z to A. Number of comments from high to low or from low to high

Detailed search: Users can reach the desired item by performing a simultaneous search through posts, pages, or with the app search menu.

Categories: Users can reach content with categories you have created.

Hierarchical category support: All the main category subcategories are displayed perfectly by hierarchical means in the app.

Page: You can indicate the page you are using in Wordpress, which you can create specifically for the app to the user.

Authors: You can show the writer's profile inside the app, and permit the consumer reap a whole lot of facts approximately the Penuli. Such as, range of posts, creator posts, profile info etc.

Archive: You can show archived posts by year or month.

Tag Cloud: With tags listed inside a cloud tag, users can achieve similar content in a much easier way.

Social accounts: You can share your social media accounts with app users. And more than 20 social media platforms supported.

Social sharing: app users can easily share apps as well as content on social media platforms.

Frequently Asked questions: You can help users by adding frequently asked questions and their answers.

More advanced app settings: Users can configure many settings such as app notification settings to profile settings.

Contact: User can contact you easily with contact form support.


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